My Race For Life

Hi There!!

As some of you may know, I was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer in December 2008. I had only given birth three months previously, so to have news like this was earth shattering.

I was scoped on the 1st December, diagnosed on the 9th and had surgery on the 17th to remove the tumour. I went home on the 21st December, to be with my family!

I was given news while in hospital, only a day out of surgery that I had 'tumours' in my liver, and that I would need scans and treatment. I then had to visit Basingstoke Hospital twice for specialised MRI scans to look in detail at my Liver and had to got to another hospital to have a PET scan to see if there were any other 'nasties' growing in my already battered and abused body!

After results came back and I was told that the Liver was not a problem at the moment and they 'keep an eye on it' as there was no evidence of Cancer, or anywhere else in the body, I underwent 6 months of Chemotherapy.

We celebrated in August 2009 my Daughters 1st Birthday and the finish of my Chemotherapy.

I have since had a scope and a CT scan and everything seems to be satisfactory of which I am hoping will stay that way!!

Sorry for this long post, but I just wanted to give you a bit of information on my story..

The photo is of me and my gorgeous Daughter only an hour after birth. She's been my inspiration and my little rock to getting me through some difficult times, as well as my loving boyfriend Stephen who I love very much, my parents, his parents and my close relatives and friends! Including a very special Aunty Shelagh and my Best Mate Charlene!

I hope you will sponsor me, or someone you know who is running/jogging or even walking the Race for Life this year, as the Tesco slogan says - 'Every Little Helps!'

If you are not already donating to the cause by sponsoring anyone, please use the link in my sidebar!! 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Kimmi xx