Sunday, 12 April 2009

Awe - I got an award :o) A Lumas Thorn one at that too!

OOooooooo I'm all excited! My first award and its with great thanks to the Elves of Lumas Thorn who seem to have passed my name on to Sculptan Carv who has given me this award:

Thank you sooo much cheeky chappies :o) I don't very often post as I dont have the time I'd like to make cards with having a little one to look after and having just started a six month course of Chemotherapy, but WOW - This has cheered me up some what! I could bounce from the walls!

The five ladies who I have chosen to share this award with are:


Please pass this award onto five people whos Blogs are an inspiration to you, but most importantly ... 'make you smile!!'

Thank you xx


Jennifer said...

Thank you Kim!
Jen x

LINDA said...

Congrats, on your award!!!
Hugs, Linda

LINDA said...

I gave you this award too!!! over on my blog..
Hugs, Linda

Tab said...

Awww thanks honey for the award, I'm truly touched that you thought of me, thank you!
Hugs Tab xxx

Imagine, Create, Inspire said...

Hi Kim - thank you so much for the award....I am always so flattered that anyone should think my blog/work worthy!!!!!...sorry that I have only just got back but with school holidays and having promised kids that I would spend QUALITY time with them and also preoaring for Ally Pally just gone, Ive just not been around! great big THANK YOU!

lol Maria x