Friday, 25 June 2010

I'm HOME!!! YEY!!!

Thank you to everyone who left me lovely get well messages and good luck vibes.

I had the surgery first thing yesterday morning and was out of theatre by half 10. I would have been allowed home yesterday but I'd had a drain inserted to help drain away blood and washout from the surgery (YUK). I didn't really want to bring the drain home with me, esp with the chance of Pop's pulling on it or jumping on my stomach ha ha!

The drain was removed this morning and I got home around lunch time. I've watched DVDs and snoozed most of the afternoon. Making up for lost sleep last night with 'Mr Nightmare Patient' who was loud and annoying the other patients at 4am this morning, grrr.

Here's to a smooth recovery and NO MORE SURGERY!!!

Thanks again for all my messages - I really do appreciate them!

Kimmi x


Andrea said...

glad to hear you are home and doing well, you need to remember to take it easy xxxxxxxx

Lizzy xx said...

Hi Kimmi! sorry hun didn't know you were going into hospital :( anyway, I'm glad to hear all went well :) here's to a speedy recovery xx Lizzy xx :)

Sue said...

Glad you are home and hope you are feeling ok. Take it very easy, not like I did. I had day surgery for the same thing, but tried to do too much during the first week after and ended up tearing muscles, so please take care and put your feet up.

fi's cards and crafts said...

Kimmi...I'm so pleased you're home but remember you nee to take it easy..let everyboy look after you and then you'll have a quicker recovery...

lots of love


Hi Kim
Glad you are home and that you are feeling ok,
hugs Dianne xx

Di said...

Arrhh Kimmi
welcome home and take it easy! great to hear everything went well!
Hugs Di xxxx

Jessie said...

I'm so happy that it all went well and that you are home and resting. Sending get well {hugs}!

Crystal said...

So glad Kim to hear you are home, lots of relaxing...let the family baby you!!!

Kate's Makes said...

Glad that it all went ok Kimmi and that you're back home already :o) Rest up hun and sending lots of love! xx

Tracey said...

Glad you're home & the surgery went well Kimmi. Make sure you get lots of rest & hopefully get waited on hand & foot lol.

Take care sweetie.


Donna said...

Glad you're back home Kimmi, remember to rest up and take it easy, let Stephen do everything for you
Speak to you soon
Donna xx

Aunty Sue said...

Hi Kim good to hear you are home and wish you a speedy recovery and fingers crossed that is it now.

Cheryl said...

hi kim so glad you are home,and safe take it easy,and take plenty of time to recover too,hugs cheryl xxxx

Lorraine A said...

glad you're home and on the way to recovery x x x you take it easy :-)

sending big gentle hugs me darlin xx

Lols x x x

Tracey Feeger said...

I am so glad everything went smoothly darling. Keep your feet up and enjoy your down time as I am sure that you new job will be full on.


Vanja said...

Hi Kimmi! I'm glad to hear you're home and doing well! :)
Lots of hugs

Viv said...

Now just don't overdo things! Have a nice break, put your feet up , general anaesthetics can really knock you back!

Rufus said...

Glad that things went so well. Now just remember to take it slow and easy! It does really speed things up in the end!

Yone said...

Hi,Kim, Nice blog. I'm now your follower. Hugs, Yone

Jo (Boots the Monkey) said...

So pleased to hear that all went well for you Kim. Lets hope the road to recovery is now a speedy one.

Enjoy your weekend and relax as much as you can.


Jo xx

Nannieflash said...

Welcome Home Kim, Im glad to hear you are on the mend, I should try and make the most of the recovery time as Im sure Poppy will have you running around before long. With love and hugs Shirleyxxx

Elaine said...

Hi Kimmi,
Glad to hear you are home and everything went well. I hope you are taking it easy!!
Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.
Look forward to seeing you back in action soon.
Love Elaine xx

Kim Piggott said...

Hi Kimmi,

So glad to know that you are home and everything went well for you!
Take great care and let yourself heal from the wound.
kim x

Irena said...

Hi Kim
I'm glad that you are home and that you are feeling ok.

Hugs, Irena