Friday, 16 July 2010

Magnolia Bon Voyage Kit`

DISAPPOINTED is an understatement at the moment. It arrived yesterday morning, I looked at it last night and chucked it down on the desk - I really do not like it. Any of them I just can not see me using for any occasion! I think there are three stamps in the whole collection (or those which are showing on Crafts U Love) which I do like. I dont mind the sea horse in the kit but thats about it... I dunno if I'm going off Tilda or just having a bad day haha

Will be selling soon on Ebay either singles or set not sure which. So not a happy bunny - wish I'd kept my money!

Kimmi x


Inge said...

Now I am curious! Please leave us a pick;-)

Inge xx

Jessie said...

Ah that's such a pity. Maybe you'll like them more tomorrow.

stephanne said...

I am with you, lucky for us, there are loads of companies with gorgeous stamps out there :)
But since you already have them, I hope they grow on you.

Lisa said...

Hi Kimmi, Sorry to hear you were disappointed with your new Magnolia stamps. Mine arrived yesterday and I quite like them, especially mermaid tilda. Hope they grow on you but if not i'm sure they will sell on Ebay.

Lisa x

Elaine said...

Hi Kimmi,
Sorry to hear you are disappointed with the Magnolias. Maybe they'll look better tomorrow?
I can't really judge them as I don't actually like Tildas or hAnglars for that matter. I know I'm weird but neither of them are my sort of thing.
Hope you're not too tired after your first week back at work and hope you manage to get some relaxation time over the weekend.
Love Elaine xx

Tracey Feeger said...

I must say that I am not a fan of the new kit (saw it on Tanja's blog from the Magnolia DT) either. The only thing I like is the mermaid and the seahorse. Thankfully I didn't buy it. I didn't like the last kit so didn't buy this one. Hope you sell them on ebay. Sell them individually - that way you will get lots of $$$ for them.

Kellie Winnell said...

Ugh don't you hate that! I think we talked about this with not the last one but one before that! I am pretty sure my yearly subscription is up and I wont be re-newing it, would rather buy 1-3 that I like than have 8-10 I don't and wont use!

Hope you get your money back hun xx

Fran said...

Awww, thats too bad, I have thought on and off about ordering the kits but I hear so many people saying the same things as you so I don't think I will. I have seen the stamps and there are a couple that I like but I'm not sure what I would use them for (and I already have enough stamps that I have bought because I liked them and then never had a use for them, hahaha) Be sure and let us know when you list them on eBay, I might try and take 1 or 2 off your hands :)

Kate said...

Sorry you are disappointed, can you really be going off Tilda and Edwin! Don't forget I have bought some of your cast offs before so let me know if you want to off-load any direct (including one's you have had a quick stamp with and then decided you don't like, lol)

** Kate **