Monday, 11 February 2013

Craft items for sale!

Good evening Crafters!

Long time no see...

Sorry its a quick post. But its really just to say I have a few items on e-bay which I am selling
Some may be of your taste, some you may think 'that went out yonks ago' and you are probably right. Several if not most items are 'old skool' in the fact they have been sat in my craft room for many moons!
Stamps, rub ons, ribbon, flowers and papers (some may not be on yet, but over the next couple of weeks I'll be adding new items)

But its time to clear out everything and get some pennies back so I can spoil my little girl!

She is four and a half now and is still my world! 
We are all doing fine. Since leaving the world of craft I have taken a job in a prison as a nurse and that is scary yet rewarding (sometimes)... 

I hope you are all well!

Thank you for looking

Many thanks

Kimmi xxx


Vanja said...

She's gorgeous, Kimmi! :)

Family comes first and making cards and other crafts can be very time consuming sometimes.
You can always return to it, though. :)


Aunty Sue said...

Hi Kimmi good to hear from you and great to see apicture of your beautiful little one. Glad life is treating you well.
Sue xx