Thursday, 12 March 2009

My Gorgeous Boyfriend

Well, what can I say... My boyfriend of six years confessed today of using my eBay and pay pal account! How naughty is that. I forgave him, after the shock wore off. Why was I shocked? you may well ask. He ordered a set of Copics Ciao from eBay. Its the 72 piece Set A. After thinking about it, I'm kinda excited. I've seen so many cards etc being coloured with these famous pens that I can't wait to have a go myself. However, I am still slightly annoyed as I spent a few pennies myself ordering some pastel colours to give them ago before I bought anymore. I'm sure I will have a few duplicates...Oh and he may have used my accounts, but he has since written me a nice cheque to pay for them ha ha. Roll on the next few days, I'll be waiting for the postie in anticipation.

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