Thursday, 11 November 2010

Name a Kitten! Kenny K Style!

Kenny K's new soon to be released girlz!
If you have not been to Kenny K's store, check it out NOW!
However, they dont have names. Nameless and shameless by the looks of them!
Wont these gorgeous ladies be awesome for 'lads cards' for those who like their NASCAR, Cow Girls and Lady Cops...
So ... Donna has this great contest currently open on her blog. All you need to do, is check out her blog here, find the post which is here, and come up with 1, 2, 3 or all 12 names. 12 lucky people will have one of their names for one of these lovely ladies! 

I'm not very good at these, but here goes -

a - Nascar Nell
(love NASCAR - the crashes are awesome to watch and even tho you may be number 1, you may just finish last!)
b - Toot'n Boots
c - Biking Bobbie
d - Cleo Cowgirl
e - Pitbabe Pattie
f - Fishnet Fleur
g - Rodeo Rochelle
h - Hellish Helga 
i - Skin Tight Stacy
j - Peachy Pennie
k - Dusty Rider
l - Luscious Lilith 

Those are my names - have a go . It was fun thinking them up, and some of them I got a little helping hand, thanks Steve (not my Stephen).

Thanks for popping by, and Kenny - if you fly by here - keep up the awesome work!!

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Hazeyj said...

You're nuts but I like the names for the girlies! Thank goodness you named H Helga! Hope you & Poppy are well and I will pop by soon. hugs H x