Wednesday, 17 June 2009

An Award

I've just been going through my comments and found that the lovely Shirley (AKA NannieFlash) has given me this fab award!

Sorry its taken me a little while to find this Shirley - Thank you sooo much for giving it to me!
You are such a lovely lady and full of inspiration to share with us all. So again, Thank you :)

Hmmm, who to give this award to... Well, let me think

I'd like to give this award to Viv, Tina, Jo, and my newest follower Nancy :o)
Enjoy ladies


On another note, I've seen a few people say they are having problems with Blogger and being able to see some peoples blogs. I've had this same problem and installed Google Chrome to use as my browser in place of Internet Explorer and I have to say the improvement has been vast. There hasnt been a blog I have not yet been able to view or leave a comment on. I'm in no way shape or form connected to Google, but thought I would share. If you are interested in using Google Chrome you can find the download link HERE!


Nancy said...

Thank you soooo much, Sweetheart, this means alot to me:O)
Hugs, Nancy.

Nannieflash said...

Ive had a similar problem with Internet Explorer but I use Firefox to do my bloghopping and thats just as good as Google, its a separate service and you have a icon on your desktop but its brilliant. And your most welcome to the award you certainly deserve it, with love and hugs Shirleyxxxx

Macpurp said...

thanks very much for this. will pass it on with love xx