Saturday, 20 June 2009

Had a wonderful day today at the wedding...

...If you saw my post for Friday Sketchers, you would have seen a card for a wedding. Well today was the day and the card is just below this post if you've not already seen it!

My friend Katie got married today at 1pm. It was a lovely service and Poppy was well behaved throughout! Although, she did have a little whinnie when all the other babies/children started to talk and babble when the first hymn started!

Here are some pictures I'd like to share with you of my friends special day. I would be at the evening doo now, but Poppy is fast asleep as she hasn't napped all day due to being over excited at everything that was going on. She went to bed at 6pm and its now gone 8pm so I think I'm in for a late night with her. No matter, I can get all my commenting done for the Stampin' Challenge and the challenges that I've entered this week :o)

Here is my friend Katie with her new Hubby Paul

Poppy - Pickin' Flowers (buttercups)

Poppy - Bored of picking flowers and wanting to me picked (up) herself!

Stephen, Myself and Poppy (happy little family!)

Poppy and Me!

Thanks for popping by, hope you have had a lovely Saturday like us!


Nancy said...

Best wishes to the happy couple:O)
You have a lovely family, Kim, thanks for showing the pictures.
Hugs, Nancy.

Aunty Sue said...

brillient pics of the wedding and wow poppy is growing fast. Nice to see the whole family together. Hugs Sue xx

Viv said...

Poppy looks so cute! Did she enjoy the wedding? Looking at you in a summer dress makes me feel cold!!! We're having a very cold winter for NZ and its just gone the shortest day. Roll on spring!!!

Viv said...

Unfortunately spring is still 2 months away, we're almost the opposite here to your seasons! When I lived in the UK back in the 90's , I left at the end of a gorgeous summer there to come back to spring here! Wouldn't it be great, to follow summer around the world!
Hope Poppy is back to a routine now the excitement is over! xx

Nannieflash said...

Fantastic photos Kimmi, thanks for sharing them with us, Poppy is a real heartbreaker, shes gorgeous. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxx

Macpurp said...

what beautiful pictures!!!
Poppy is a wee honey!
many years of blessings to the happy couple.
love teen xx

rachel said...

lovely pictures!!!:)Poppy is very , very sweet!!:)