Monday, 11 April 2011

I'm back, but not sure for how long...

I've just found the spring kit from Magnolia under a pile of papers destined for recycling... Had I not been keen on taking the cellophane rappers off the magazines to put the paper bits into recycling, the kit may have made a journey to the recycling plant.

Well, as some of you may have already had your kit, or wanting from the kit, I'm selling most of mine. The only stamps from the kit I'm keeping is the wheelbarrow, the butterflies and the sentiments.
So if anyone is interested and fancies the stamps below, drop me a line at, the stamps are unmounted and cut out, ready for you to do as you will.

Hope to be back soon with a card or two.. Just need to find some hours in the day to be able to sit and make.

Here's the stamps...
All Sold!
Tilda with Bunny

Tilda with Egg Basket

Tilda with Rubber Boots

Tilda with Stuffed Animal

Mini Tilda 
Tilda with Armful of Tulips
(as she is a mini, you can buy her for £5.50)

All items are a flat £6.50 with postage of £1. If you buy multiple stamps, the postage stays the same.

Thanks for looking

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lizzies said...

So cute, I will buy them all

Lizzie (Docrafts)